Neha Pransukhka

Arts and craft has fascinated me from the age of 5. School art competitions, birthday gifts, house party decor always gave me a chance to explore and hone my craftsmanship. My inquisitive head was always attracted towards learning different types of crafts. My aunt, Lalita Jhunjhunwala, who also shares this passion, helped me nurture my skills. As I grew up, I saw limited options available for affordable, good quality, personalised gifts in the market and that is how Crafts Connect Studio was born.


There is no better feeling than doing what you love. We definitely love what we do and do what we love. “CREATIVITY IS EXPERIMENTING, GROWING, TAKING RISKS, BREAKING RULES, MAKING MISTAKES AND HAVING FUN.

Send some love back

We always look for suggestions to improve and come back with better ideas. We would love to hear from you about our products and classes.

Craft Classes

Desire and passion to share the knowledge motivated me to start classes for interested students.

Customer relationship

Every customer at Craft connect studio is indispensable and we value that the most.


Engagement, wedding, baby announcement, festival and many such occasions, we pack and decorate your gifts to make it a memorable gesture. 

Personalized orders

Customer’s every minute desires are understood and turned into our creations